“Too small to succeed” – the latest hare that runs…

Last week there was an article by The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner commenting on the No Boundaries conference. In particular, she discusses the proposition put forward by John Knell that many arts organisations are “too… Continue reading

Creativity and Entrepreneurialism in Trinidad’s Creative Economy

The annual ‪#‎AMMBCOM‬ conference in Trinidad is preceded this year by the innovation of the ASK-CIDA Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs. 20 individual entrepreneurs, some new but mostly with hard experience of making their… Continue reading

The Challenges of Resilience for Cultural Organisations

With the announcement about the next round of NPOs due in a couple of days, I’ve been thinking about Resilience and what it is that makes a resilient organisation. All over England, cultural… Continue reading

Welcoming diverse audiences and staff

Nick Ahad’s post today in the Yorkshire Post – not my normal reading matter but his article on making everyone feel welcome in theatres (http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/debate/columnists/nick-ahad-it-is-the-responsibility-of-theatres-to-make-everyone-feel-welcome-1-6513877) was a good one – brings yet again… Continue reading

Freeing creativity

In about two weeks, I am going to Nantes to be the Moderator of the first Open Conference of the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA).  The theme of the event, and, indeed, the… Continue reading

The Arts, the Creative Industries and Us

Yet another piece (this time by Will Straw, link below), another think tank (the IPPR), another institution (the CBI) sounding the drum for the creative industries. Why is it that Govt doesn’t hear… Continue reading


Judging by the Facebook and Twitter posts I’ve seen over the last week or so, I have the impression that not many people were sorry to see the back of 2013. For me,… Continue reading

Michael Kaiser’s 25 Rules for Fundraising

Looking through old files, I found this document from Michael Kaiser’s roadshow for ACE England a few years ago:  it’s worth revisiting as our need to be more effective at fundraising becomes more… Continue reading

Looking back at 2013

Well, we’ve broken up for Christmas so it seems like a good time to look back on 2013 – it’s been a fairly extraordinary year: although, tbh, what year isn’t!  We seem to… Continue reading

5 Top Tips for working with a Board

  I’ve been thinking about Boards.  There seems to be such a spectrum of relationships, responsibilities and behaviours of Boards, either because of or even despite the requirements of Company Law, that I… Continue reading