Award-winning practitioner and cultural producer with over 30 years’ experience working in the creative sector.  Awarded TMA National Award for Outstanding Contribution to Theatrical Life for “daring artistic innovation, internationally as well as in the community and its region”.   Exploiting her own entrepreneurial approach, she founded CidaCo in January 2000 specifically to help artists earn more from their creativity.  Since then, CidaCo has supported the development of over 3,000 artists and creative enterprises across the world; has helped create over 640 creative jobs;  and has brought nearly £40million into the UK creative economy. In 2008, she set up the pioneering partnership with American company The Enterprise Development Group (EDG) with the specific intention of mixing their Silicon Valley innovation expertise with the UK’s creativity.  As a result, CidaCo now provides uniquely effective creativity and innovation training and consultancy programmes for all business sectors across the world.  Internationally, she also leads CidaCo in its focus on transforming the way people think and work, working with transnational partnerships in Europe, Asia and Africa.