Creativity and Entrepreneurialism in Trinidad’s Creative Economy

The annual ‪#‎AMMBCOM‬ conference in Trinidad is preceded this year by the innovation of the ASK-CIDA Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs. 20 individual entrepreneurs, some new but mostly with hard experience of making their creative business work, are coming to spend 5 intense days with Anamaria Wills, CEO of the UK’s leading agency in this field, CIDA.

CIDA was established 15 years ago and now works with creative people across the world, helping Govts to grow their creative economies and helping creative people to earn more from their creativity. In the UK, CIDA has recently won a major contract with the influential Arts Council of England to run an 18-month programme for specially selected companies on Developing Organisational Resilience for the Cultural Sector. There was strong international competition for the contract and CIDA was delighted to be the successful company. In a move characteristic of CIDA’s innovative approach, CIDA has invited one of its competitors, The DeVos School of Arts Management formerly based at the Kennedy Centre, Washington, to contribute to CIDA’s programme specifically on their approach to fundraising.

Anamaria Wills commented: “We considered that DeVos has a special American expertise in raising money that is both complementary to our work and underpins CIDA’s fundamental belief that Resilience in the creative industries is about culture change and attitudinal shift. Their approach to fundraising will sit well within the 6 priorities we have set to achieve that change.

It is good to see that Trinidad’s Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism are bringing DeVos in to work with selected local organisations. It’s an excellent addition to the work that ASK Promotions, through AMMBCON, started some years ago with their first Music Business conference, drawing attention to the need to match entrepreneurial expertise to innate creative talent. I hope that some of our participants on the ASK-CIDA Academy who are running eligible organisations will want to participate. The development of a creative economy is a complex process and we are all keen to contribute to the T&T Govt’s focus on this economically important sector.”