Professionalise Your Practice – with STAY (Sustained Theatre, Artists Yorkshire) –

As some of you will know, CidaCo has been commissioned by STAY to set up a six-module course in January and we are covering all the practical elements of running your own practice as an artist or creative practitioner.  We have filled most of the total number of places but there are another five to go so, if you’re interested, please get in touch with Jordan ( / 0113 373 1754).  Remember, through the support of the Arts Council and partners, it is all free for you!

I was discussing this with Keran from SAA-UK and she commented how invaluable such a course would be.  Many of the artists that she works with haven’t really given any priority to investing in themselves.  The problem is that, if you’re not professional in the way you present yourself and the way you manage your contacts, the way you tell the world about you and the way you manage your money, you’re simply putting more hurdles in the way of being able to earn your living through your creativity.

Keran is in the process of planning to set up an agency for selected artists.  Some of the basic skills that are needed, from knowing how to set up as a sole trader/freelancer or organisation, to managing a tech’ rehearsal, to liaising with promoters, to securing bookings for your work – all these are very often outside the experience or knowledge of some of the artists that she works with.  And, if you’re going to flourish, you really need to know some of these very practical things about working as an artist in the UK – things such as having a clear picture about your brand, your product; knowing what you need to be able to provide to other organisations such as good copy and high quality pictures.  It’s about selling yourself – what do you have to offer (what’s your Unique Selling Point – USP) and why should your customers choose you over the other work that is available?

So, we have decided to augment the course, which deals with the practicalities of managing your money, marketing and selling yourself, presenting your work, etc, with a Q&A session at the end of each day of the course with an established creative practitioner.   Keran has already kindly agreed to do one, which will be invaluable; so has Balbir Singh of Balbir Singh Dance Company ( who have recently had such a smash success with Synchro for the Cultural Olympiad and are one of only three companies to be selected for the Royal Opera House Connections programme.  I am now talking to a number of other very well established artists and practitioners in the region, to invite them to come and spend an hour or so with us, sharing their experiences and learning.

All of this is stuff you couldn’t buy.  Everyone involved in this is giving their time so, if you know anybody who could benefit from this excellent array of knowledge, skills and networks, please tell them to get in touch with Jordan to find out more.

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PS: This course enables you to meet interesting people – and also it’s great fun!

Course dates and content overleaf:

STAY (Sustained Theatre Artists Yorkshire) and CidaCo are pairing up to provide a FREE course for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic freelance practitioners working in the Performing Arts in Yorkshire, the North West and North East. Performing artists (actors, dancers, musicians – all!), directors, designers, technical and production staff, management and marketing freelance staff – all welcome!

  • Thursday 17th January
The Creative Entrepreneur – building blocks for the freelance artist or practitioner
  • Friday 18th January
Managing Your Customers – introduction to Marketing (inc social media) –
  • Thursday 24th January
Managing Your Money –  costing your time, pricing your work, budgets, cash flow –
  • Friday 25th January 
Intellectual Property – all you need to know about your IP, with Keith Arrowsmith, leading IP lawyer –
  • Thursday 31st January –
Innovation –  how to select the best ideas and turn them into reality and reward –
  • Friday 1st February – two parts:
(a)Presenting Your Work and Finding the Funding – with the Arts Council funds now substantially reduced, how can you find money for your projects? (b)  Looking Aheadplanning the changes to how you work to put the new thinking into practice

There is a possibility of travel fare reimbursement for participants; however this pot is limited and is run on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so book your place on the course early and mention this at your time of booking

More information is available here:

To book a place, please go to: or contact Jordan at CidaCo on 0113 373 1754 or