BBC Henry IV Pt 1 –

Just watched Henry IV Pt 1 – honestly, this Shakespeare season on BBC is turning out to be a set of masterpieces.  What a fantastic production – Jeremy Irons powerful and moving, Tom Hiddleston capturing the growth of Hal from boy to man; the relationship between father and son brilliantly done, with the scene between Henry and Hal where Henry berates and even slaps him in frustrated fury, and then starts to come round – fantastic and so moving; Simon Russell Beale, as always, bringing a depth to the part of Falstaff that made the tavern scene, in particular, both frightening and illuminating – I just feel totally overwhelmed: it stays in my head  –

The programme afterwards, with Jeremy Irons talking about the Henrys, was also completely absorbing – fabulous!

If anyone ever doubted the value of the licence fee, this should allay every doubt – congrats to the BBC!

Anamaria Wills    anamariacida (twitter)

July 2012