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Thanks to you Anamaria.   One of the most tricky thing, far from the artistic process of creation, of course support of it, listened for 4 hours, understood and absorbed.

I usually need breaks listening an explanation in english. Yesterday I have been concentrated for all the time, understanding. So thanks to your way to explain.

See you next session.

Have good time,


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Data: 25-apr-2012 12.33


This is one of the nicest compliments I have ever received – thank you!

May I quote you ?

Am sure you will have a good session with Keith – he’s brilliant on managing money!

With best wishes,


Ogg: RE: Re: #YSJ_creative_entrepreneurs

Oh God!

Dear Anamaria,

It wasn’t in my intensions. I just gave you my frank feedback to thank you, anyway of course I would be pleased if that’s useful.

I’m glad of your welcome.

The session with Keith has been great, as different couldn’t be. He is a bomb of entusiasm and energy, giver of the best advices.

I wish you both a good journey side by side in Zimbabwe.

Kind regards,

Emanuele Pecorari.