Game making!

In my blog about Trinidad, I talked briefly about presenting my ‘party piece’, The Creative Entrepreneur.  Having created the piece, and then run it successfully with creative entrepreneurs in various countries, I developed a self assessment Toolkit, using the ten ‘attributes’ we identify in the presentation and then matching them against the CIDA competency framework.  That worked fine and was a good take away for people to do, like a Cosmo quiz, with their partners, either business or personal.  Then we used a EU-Leonardo funded project to commission Lee Corner to develop it further as a Toolkit – she had often used the presentation herself so knew it well.   She’s now done that successfully, and so then….yesterday!…. we took it one stage further and have created a Game out of it!  Very exciting – neither of us thought we had the kind of minds that do that so it was great fun to prove ourselves wrong!  We are trialling it in a couple of weeks wth an unsuspecting group of creative practitioners and it will be interesting to see how it works – the next stage, though, is to create the game on line – what fun!  We’ll need some help though – any offers?