Seeking partners for EU Culture bid

CIDA International has been working with the Cultural Olympiad team in Yorkshire led by Tessa Gordzieko. Together, we have recently won G4A funding for an Aprentice Producers Programme (APP). 6 young producers will have the opportunity to work with the three Yorkshire Producers (Dave Edmunds (one of CIDA’s star clients!), Jennie Harris and Steve Dearden). The programmes the three of them are working on are really exciting and the Apprentices will have a great time – we’ve had over 130 enquiries for the 6 places in the first week of recruiting so there is obviously a real demand for this. As a result, we’ve proposed taking it further, and, more specifically, into Europe – the preponderance of Capitals of Culture and the thousands of different Festivals across Europe probably means the need is as big there as it is here. If you are interested in joining us, or maybe even just exploring the idea, please get in touch with me at – I look forward to hearing from you – Anamaria