In Smart Company – making the vision real

In Smart Company is CIDA’s Innovation service ( – and I just wanted to celebrate and mark the completion of some work we have just finished with a quite extraordinary range of clients! They have all pulled on different aspects of our knowledge and skills, as we helped them to articulate their future and, as Laszlo would say, ‘expand the possible’ (while teaching us too, of course!) Working with these very different companies, in very different sectors, even in different countries, has been a joy – tough, certainly, challenging, always ….but ultimately joyful, for us all!

Led either by Keith (Evans, our MD,, Twitter InnovateGeek) or myself, and working with our Innovation Coaches as varied (and as gifted!) as Andy Curtis, Ruth Eastwood, Steve Manthorp and Shanaz Gulzar, the variety of work we have just done has been really fascinating:
• a real cutting edge IT company, almost a start up but with massive Hong Kong finance backing, tackling with obsessive commitment the need to address one of the biggest issues facing UK technological development today;
• a large and relatively young theatre company who had lost its nerve but who now faces an invigorating future with renewed courage, turning perceived difficulty into genuine competitive advantage;
• a managed workspace company that seeks to refresh and even redesign its role, changing both internal and external perceptions of its raisons d’être;
• a group of entrepreneurs seeking to identify the economic and cultural implications of the Knowledge Economy in emerging nations, determined to keep it led by business and not by academia
• a fledgling company in the finance sector, set up and owned by a consortium of five leading banks to provide a particular service to clients and partners, turning that one service into a veritable portfolio of other service opportunities;
• and a group of partners, both organisations and individuals, working with culturally diverse artists and practitioners, designing new and better routes to economic independence, resilience and sustainability in the future

As Herman Gyr never tires of telling us, (quoting Arthur Jones) ‘All organisations are perfectly designed to achieve the results they get’…………………are the results your organisation gets really the results you want?!

If not, phone Keith!