More thoughts about Creative Industries

Just found this from a presentation I did for the ESRC conference – seems appropriate:

The Creative Industries are not just another industry sector. Governments have invested in the creative industries without really understanding or confronting the differences inherent in a strong creative ecology. The consequence is the potential for significant missed opportunities.

Disparaging talk of ‘improvisational entrepreneurship’ fails to acknowledge both the complexity of the process and the innate nature of entrepreneurs who have no regard for Governments’ 19th century metrics of success. In order to maximise the potential of investment in this sector, there needs to be greater understanding and respect for its characteristics and processes and the economic model it provides.

In an economy where incremental innovation tends to be pulled by the market and radical innovation is pushed by technology, the creative sector provides a third way – their innovation doesn’t come from the market, it creates new markets; they don’t push new technologies, they push radically new meanings.