Innovation and Services – talking in Brussels

Just a quick note to say that I have been invited as the keynote speaker at the special event tomorrow evening run by creativ wirtschaft austria on behalf of the Permanent Representation of Austria in the EU in Brussels to celebrate the Austrian Creative Industries sector. The main topic is Creative Services – The Fuel of Service Innovation. It picks up on the newly identified significance of the creative sector in terms of its capacity to provide ‘an inspiring model for the global economy’. Rather dauntingly, the only other speaker is Reinhard Buscher, Head of the Innovation Unit in the DG Enterprise and Culture, who has made a point this year of marking his new visibility in the CI world by starting his speeches “If my staff had told me last year that I would be here today talking to an audience of creative industries, I would think they had gone mad………..’ But there is he is, in the flesh mostly, hot off the highest slopes of Mount Everest, to provoke us creative businesses into accepting the role of stimulating innovation in other sectors. And to tell him what we need in order to play that role convincingly. He’s kicking off the new European Creative Industries Alliance with some millions of euros, and seeking to ensure that it is led by transnational groups from across Europe who know what they are doing but are genuinely innovative – ‘no use in asking the cities that have got it all (the unspoken implication being that London, Barcelona, Baden Wurtemburg etc will need to look to their laurels…..) I want groups to come up with something new – I want the leadership to come from the new, the hungry, the innovative thinkers’ – we have been warned!