Catching up with your own social media

Just a quick thought – I was taken completely by surprise on two occasions in Harare – the first was when we were all introducing ourselves at the start of the first workshop, and one of my participants commented that he ‘had watched all my YouTube videos’………… how fascinating! I didn’t know I had You Tube videos ! Naturally, I raced to have a look – and there they were, posted by others. But it did make me regret later on that we didn’t film the public lecture – that might have been interesting –
Then, actually at the end of the lecture when it came to Q and A, the first question came thus: I’ve been reading your blogs. In particular, I was struck by the one about your views of Universities in the 21st century – would you please expand on that?’……….aargh! Caught out! But still – I was on a high because things had gone well, so I took a deep breath and risked the wrath of any academics in the audience. Interesting that some came up to me afterwards and agreed with me!
But the real point is that you forget that you do these things and then suddenly you meet someone who actually reads what you write, watches what you do – it’s both fun and slightly alarming – this mixed use of social media to talk about professional things from a personal viewpoint seems like a bit of a highwire act at times!